standard 10 Ways Feminism Has Destroyed the World

 The Feminism Dilemma


Although all human beings, regardless of sex, deserve certain rights, I believe that feminism and the women’s liberation movement have ultimately caused more harm than good to society.

Women deserve the right to vote, of course. They also should not be abused or treated as slaves.

But despite what many people want to believe, MEN AND WOMEN ARE NOT THE SAME.

We were NOT created equal.

It’s undeniable that each sex has a different physiological makeup, but they also have a different psychological makeup as well.

Why then must women insist upon trying to prove that they can do anything a man can do?

Perhaps women should prideAnti-feminist themselves on being women and stop fighting so hard to act like men.

The feminism movement is a key reason why marriage no longer works. It has destroyed the nuclear family. A family cannot successfully function when two people are both struggling to be in control.

Yes, ladies, you can blame yourselves for destroying the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for that.



Problems Created by Feminism


1.  Women Have Become Hyper-Independent

Women have become so independent that they feel they no longer need men. If you no longer want or need a man around, what man in his right mind is going to put up with you?

Men (and women too) like to feel as if they’re wanted and needed. If you can’t keep a man, I would suggest you examine your behavior.

Chances are they don’t want to put up with the fact that you know everything, can do any and everything better than they can, and don’t want their input.

You’d leave too.


2. Women have become completely self-centered.

Women have pushed their partners needs aside to focus mostly on themselves.

How many times have we seen women who expect their man to bend over backwards and do everything they want, but yet she doesn’t do anything for him?

I’ve got news for you, he isn’t obligated to buy you things and pamper you, while you completely ignore his wants and needs.

Relationships are about give and take. You are supposed to put each others’ needs first, not put yourself first and expect him to put you first too.

Quit acting like a spoiled child. You are not that important, and eventually he WILL find someone else who doesn’t put him on the back burner.


3.  Child-rearing has been pawned off on strangers.

Now that women insist that they must work outside the home to prove something, their children are being raised by strangers.

Gone are the good old days when family was most important. Women now care more about making a paycheck than they do about ensuring that their children are raised properly.

This is one of the main reasons kids no longer have any morals and values. Family values don’t exist because the family is no longer a priority.

Kids don’t have the same opportunity to form strong bonds with their mother. They’re now bonding with a stranger that you’ve hired….one who probably doesn’t care how your children turn out.

But I guess you don’t really care about that either, or you wouldn’t be counting on strangers to do your job.



4.  Feminism Emasculates Men

No man on this earth wants to be treated as if he’s a worthless piece of garbage.

Every time you open your big mouth and yell at him because he didn’t jump when you told him to, you erode your relationship that much more.

Many women feel that since they have a right to, that they get to verbally abuse their husband/significant other, and that he has to put up with it.

Wrong answer. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

The feminist movement has destroyed effective communication, because women now feel as if they can demand anything they want.

I’m really not sure where women got the idea that men are now supposed to bow to them.

The most disturbing part of this trend is that men now act as if they are supposed to be subservient to women.

As a result, sissified men are popping up everywhere, and real men are becoming harder and harder to find.

Shame on you! Men, do not let these bully women convince you that you are supposed to serve women. Get a backbone!


5.  Feminism has increased marital infidelity.

Feminism has caused women to feel as if they have a right to use sex to their advantage….a bargaining tool of sorts.

Guess what ladies, every time you refuse to have sex with your spouse because you’re “punishing” him, you’re one step closer to pushing him into cheating on you.

I don’t care if you like it or not, that’s reality.Broken marriage

And I don’t care how good you think your stuff is. There are a million other women out there who will give it to him just as good.

If you love a person,  you don’t withhold sex from them until they give you what you want.

Sex is not a manipulation tool. If you use it as such, you’re going to get burned, because he will eventually get sick and tired of it and find it elsewhere.


6.  Divorce is rampant

Feminism has led to the “no fault” divorce.

You used to need a reason for divorce, such as abuse or infidelity. Now you can divorce just because you feel like it.

There is no more “til death do us part”. Marriage is no longer taken seriously, and the vows you recite on your wedding day mean nothing.

Marriage is supposed to involve a life-long commitment. It isn’t supposed to be a choice.

Feminism has led to the destruction of communication, so now when the going gets tough, the tough women decide they’ll show him and just file for divorce instead of working to fix the problem.

After all, why should they? There’s no point in honoring your commitment when you can simply go out and find another man, who you can then discard accordingly.


7. It Leads to Strife in the Home

As mentioned previously, the radical feminism has led to the break down of communication in the home.

You cannot have two people in a constant battle of the wills to run the show.

Since women now think they have a right to control everything, they tend to insist on wearing the pants. At the same time, the man is fighting to maintain his authority, and this leads to a constant battle of the wills.

Sorry, but one person has to be willing to trust the other person enough to allow them the final say, and trust that they will make the right decision for all parties involved.

Ladies, if you can’t trust your man to do that, you shouldn’t be with him.

Most men are capable of doing this successfully when given the chance. You have to be willing to step back and allow him to try.

If you can’t do that, stay single.


8. STDs are on the rise.

This is what happens when women decide that their body is a playground for the masses.

I know that you feel too empowered to make a commitment or be tied to one person, therefore you allow yourself to be passed around like a party favor.

It’s no wonder that STD rates are on the rise. If women would treat their bodies with respect and stop opening their legs for everyone and their brother, this wouldn’t be such a problem.


9. Baby killing is now a common practice.

Abortion is, by far, one of the biggest ways that feminism has destroyed the world.

Women now feel that they have complete control over their bodies, even when there is another life involved.

That protective maternal instinct has been destroyed.

Unborn childWomen are more concerned with the effect that a pregnancy will have on their independence and social life than they are about the baby inside them.

As a result, abortion has become as commonplace as tying your shoes.

Didn’t feel like using protection and got pregnant?  Oh well, that’s ok.

There’s no need to keep your legs together or use contraception. You can just kill the fetus, continue whoring around, and repeat the process the next time it happens.

Hell, there are some researchers that believe people should be allowed to kill their newborns if having it will cause an inconvenience.

Thank you, women’s rights activists for making baby murder legal and widely acceptable.


10.  It goes against our God-given roles.

Feminism is not biblical.

Whether you like it or not, God created men to be the authority figures within a marriage.

Christian women especially need to get over their pride and accept that as God’s will.

He created men to be the spiritual leader of the household. Period.

The Bible specifically states that wives are to submit to their husbands, so ladies, if you’re too hard-headed to do this, you are refusing to follow God’s command.

Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body. Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything. (Ephesians 5: 22-24)

God created woman from man and for man, not the other way around:

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” (Genesis 2:18)

Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. (Genesis 2:22)

For man did not come from woman, but woman from man;  neither was man created for woman, but woman for man. (1 Corinthians 11:8-9)

Ephesians 5:22There are many, many more Bible verses like these, making it pretty obvious that feminism and Christianity are incompatible.

Ladies, that’s just how it is, so if you’re a Bible-believing Christian, I strongly suggest you get over yourself, and graciously accept the role God gave you.

That doesn’t mean that men are supposed to rule over their wives like tyrants.  The Bible also commands men to love their wives. When you love someone, you don’t abuse them.

In addition, that doesn’t mean women have no say. We just need to know that God chose men to be the leaders, and that we need to trust them to have the final say.


These are just a few of the problems that are the result of radical feminism.

I’m sure many of you will disagree. I fully expect angry responses from the women, but that doesn’t change the fact that feminism has caused more problems than it has solved, particularly within the family unit.

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How Feminism Has Ruined the World

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  • Anon

    Hilarious joke site, well done 🙂

    • Melissa S

      Oh yes, that’s why our “joke site” is doing so well. LOL Thanks for yet another comment that contributes absolutely nothing useful.

  • Evelynne

    Why is a woman writing against feminism ?

    Feminism got her all the rights in today’s society. Instead of being thankful for those, she is putting up her weight to write against it. How nice is that ?

    Girl, don’t you think you’re mistaken ? How can you be so selfish ?

    “Women have become self-centered” ? You don’t know history then. Let me tell you a little about it. Men oppressed and suppressed women for centuries. They let loose all kinds of torture on them. They had reduced them to a condition worse than slaves. They denied women all kinds of education – women were not allowed to read or write – so that these beasts could treat us like whores at their will.

    And now when men have faced the music for only about five decades they’ve started whining. Strange, isn’t that ?

    American women have proved that they’re better than men in every respect. It is now men’s turn to be slaves to us. If they can’t do that, just throw them off this planet. We don’t need them any more.

    “The Bible specifically states that wives are to submit to their husbands….”

    Girl, you really seem to have some serious self-esteem issues.

    Go get a check-up.

    Stop stooping so low to men. They are animals and they needed to be treated like that.

    • Melissa S

      There are plenty of women who are against feminism. Those are the women who are comfortable being exactly who they were made to be, and don’t feel the need to try to outdo men at every turn.

      I think the funniest part of your comment is that you think you’re going to school me. Absolutely laughable!

      No, I’m not mistaken. You are mistaken if you think that any man should be a slave to you. You deserve to die alone if you really believe that….or with whatever pathetic worm bows to you because he’s fallen for the feminism crap hook, line, and sinker.

      You state that “American women have proven that they’re better than men in every respect.” Is that so? LOL Obviously, it isn’t. But keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.

      As if that isn’t hilarious enough, you say that we don’t need men anymore and should throw them off the planet? You’ve got some serious issues. Did it ever occur to you, since you clearly believe you’re intelligent, that the human race could not survive without men? Apparently it didn’t.

      And if you’re being treated like a whore, it’s because you’re behaving like one. Women who have respect for themselves and their bodies don’t get treated that way.

      God created you (and every other woman) to be a helpmate to your husband. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it untrue.

      Thanks for commenting, but you will get no agreement or sympathy here. If you want that, perhaps you should run to your feminazi friends, where you can live in your own little fantasy worlds and lie to each other about how you’re superior to men.

      • mindy

        Well said!

      • P.J.101

        ” Those are the women…”
        Stop right there, i know how this is gonna turn out :
        … who basically just want men to contunie to be their workslaves.
        Not gonna happen.
        YO alread destroyed western free society beyond repair; Death is inevitable.

        This is why i strongly believe, we will all become islamic.
        Society truely can only exist and develop any meaningfull culture, science, just society, …stability … when it’s ruled by men, aka when it is a patrierchy. .. which also predicts that the most probable thing to happen will be a takeover by a strong patriarcial culture; And that i guess is islam.

        • Guy

          Yikes…. kinda makes sense. I dont mind what happens as long as we learn to work together and compliment each other. Not compete when it suits feminists. I mean. Put them in f1, put them in soccer, chess, combat, programming etc. Well destroy women and they know it. But thats not the point. Men dont WANT to compete with women but they dont get it

      • Guy

        Wow. Thank you Mellisa. You restore my faith in women. I went mgtow but im actually consideri g changing again…..

    • Liberty

      So according to you, men are animals and need to be treated like that?

      Well, what about all of the scientific, medical, technological, economic, political, financial, artistic, musical, literary and athletic accomplishments that men created? Men are the ones who created great, affluent societies, complete with civil rights and choices from which women benefit? If women are so superior, why didn’t they do that? How did men, “the animals” do that?

      Men have been facing the music for 50 years? Because men allowed that. If you were so superior, why were you under the control of men for thousands of years? If animals controlled women for so long, then how can women be superior?

      And women in power tended to be more corrupt than men on average. A larger percentage of female rulers were tyrants when compared with male rulers. Catherine the Great segregated Jews into ghettos so it would be easier to conduct porgroms against them. Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar killed half of her population by torture. Queen Victoria oppressed India even when male politicians told her to stop. And Queen Mary wasn’t called “Bloody Mary” because of her sweet disposition, rest assured. Funny how they named a drink after her.

      Then there are the female Nazis – you can look them up. Irma Griese, was in charge of 30,000 Jewish female prisoners. She wore heavy boots, a pistol and a whip and delighted in shooting prisoners in cold blood. She sexually abused male and female prisoners and had a lampshade created out of skins of three human beings. She sicked starving dogs on prisoners and hated women who were attractive. She also convinced a surgeon to giver her an illegal abortion because she wanted to be in the movies after the war. She was eventually executed.

      To this day, women are more likely to abuse and even kill their children than men are. So much for your theory that women are superior to men.

      • Moz

        “Men are the ones who created great, affluent societies, complete with civil rights and choices from which women benefit” Women benefit??? That has to be the funniest and most ignorant statement I’ve ever read!

        • Rob Nells

          Let’s be honest. Men also created wars, hunger, the majority of crime, diseases and host of other problems. If we’re going to brag about our accomplishments why not our faults as well? Let’s be fair about it.

        • ABCXYZ

          MOZ: If this is so funny what LIBERTY stated, then you tell US who created, invented, built, designed, and all the other descriptives related to HOW the tangible material goods we’ve had for centuries got here? Are females responsible for all our infrastructure, automation, primary industries, and the list goes on and on? U have the floor MOZ … we are waiting.

      • ABCXYZ

        LIBERTY: Ev doesn’t have the capacity to get her brain around what the facts you typed.

    • Well I’m a guy and I wouldn’t go anywhere near this woman. She sounds like a beast. She will die alone.

    • Days of Broken Arrows

      None of the above is true. It’s a Marxist rewriting of history. Men are the ones who died in wars by the millions — often wars to protect women. Women were never enslaved by men. Feminists have tried to alter the past to justify what they do in the present.

      • Rob Nells

        Actually, we’re the ones that created war for greed and power. So, why should we brag about protecting the women from war that we caused ourselves. Nothing to be proud of.

    • mindy

      Golly GEE … and some silly people are against feminism!? I wonder why!? Women are all so full of love and want justice and equality for all!! Evelynne, honey you are a perfect example of the typical misandric, bigoted asshole feminist both men and women loath.
      Lay in a supply of rocky road and and a big old case of Kleenex you dumb cunt – because you’re gonna be spending the rest of your life feeding your fat ass and sobbing you guts out, a lonely 700 pound hag in a circus tent kaftan combing your cat.

    • P.J.101

      False. A lie.
      We see what u are and do : You’re just another lying woman / femnarzi

      Here’s the truth, sweethheart : Feminism came AFTER men had already GIVEN women all those rights ( FOR FREE! ).

    • ABCXYZ

      There are no words in the dictionary, nor above or below to describe how badly, seriously, you need help. It saddens anyone who reads your words, from our hearts and minds fused as one. An embrace Evelynne.

    • ABCXYZ

      Oh Evelynne, please do not have a child for they will be severely damaged in every which way however, since you have lived a severe life (and I totally get that as I have too), perhaps what ever created us will take all the pain away once we pass out of our bodies that imprison us. Take care please as I will also try to (two)…a little comedy. Sorry, I am exhausted physically since I work at the hands of a slave driving female in northern Canada.

    • ABCXYZ

      EVELYN: Seek a psychiatrist, you need one.

  • A Woman

    This is offensive … I am a woman, I am in university, I am proud to be a woman and to have a choice in what goes on in my life. If it were not for the “radical” feminists of the past I would be FORCED into a life where I am unhappy. Why should the fact that I was born female effect my entire life?

    Men and women should be EQUAL! and on EQUAL terms in all respects. There are cultures that are matriarchal (women in a position of power) and also where polyandry is practised (women who have more than one husband.) I do not believe that a man should be my slave but I also do not believe that I should be his.

    I am all for free speech but these are the problems I have with this article.

    We were NOT created equal.” …. Just because a man has a penis does NOT make him better then me… We all bleed, live, die, reproduce, laugh, etc… IN FACT ALL babies START out female in the womb and eventually (but not always) they then change into one gender or the other sometimes they stay a mix of both. If a woman did not go through nine months of gestation, HOURS of labour with the potential of death (my mother almost died in delivery) then YOU would not be here. The first relationship anyone builds in their life is with their mother, her body produces milk to nourish you and she loves and protects you. In a biological sense all a man does in the reproduction process is donate sperm = one half of your genetics so yes it is an important step. If after conception the father died the fetus would live on, if after conception the mother dies so does the fetus.

    1) Women Have Become Hyper-Independent

    Why should I depend on a man? Yes they can be great and wonderful, they are lovely to have around but Why do I need one to validate my self? Why do I need to be kept like a pretty trophy on a mantle? Lets face it in todays world if you do not have a dual income family it is hard to survive.. I am an intelligent, independent woman and for example in my relationship should my man fall to pull through on his duties I know I will be able to survive, I will be able to support myself. I will never be caught in a situation where I am unable to get out BECAUS I am independent… being completely reliant on another person is a recipe for disaster! If there is one thing that girl guide taught me was “Be prepared” being a damsel in distress does not work in this world. I do not claim to know everything or to be better then men but I am not going to get my self into a situation I can not get out of because I was too dependant on someone else.

    2. Women have become completely self-centered.

    Well that is a broad statement… I completely agree that a relationship is about give and take and that we should be equal in it. A relationship should be built on three things Love, Respect, and Trust. If you do not have any one of those things then you are building your house on sand. I know many women whom I look up to in my life who took care of their family and their husband and their house. Those women would be my grandmothers whom I respect and love with all my heart. But when I look at my seventy five year old grandmother who every sunday makes a roast dinner, who raised the children and grand children, who still is the one to do her sons laundry and cook them meals, who still puts on a Christmas dinner by her self (she is stubborn and won’t let anyone else do it) while my grandfather sit on the couch and watches soccer drinking beer I feel nothing but bad for her. She never got her drivers licence because that made her to independent and she would be able to leave. She is the one who tells me not to settle, she is the one who tells me to get an education, she is the one who tells me to be independent because SHE does not want me to be in the situation she was and still is in. My grandmother loves her family, she was raised to be as she is, and she has helped raise me not to be as she is. Not every woman puts herself first, not every woman puts her man first and not many men put their women first either.

    #3 “Now that women insist that they must work outside the home to prove something”
    My mother would laugh at you (in the nicest way possible.) I do not know where you live but the cost of living has gone up and it is very hard to pull off a decent life with a single income. My mother tells me time and time again that she would have been a stay at home mom if she could have afforded it because but we couldn’t. Her having a job was not to prove anything it was simply for survival. Because my mother worked, we we able to join sports, clubs, go to summer camp, go on a family vacation, she worked so we could have the childhood she dreamed about, she worked so money could be put away for our education so we could make a better life for ourselves. My mother was always involved in our lives, she did the best she could and for that I am thankful.
    #4 “sissified men are popping up everywhere”

    Do you know how nice it is to get a massage after a long day at work? Too come home and have a dinner on the table that is not from the freezer? It is lovely, and both men and women deserve it. Treating your woman like a queen does not make you a sissy it makes you a damn good catch!! I would love a man who would try to give me the world and do you know what I would do in return … Try to do the same for him! 🙂 I am not going to put my all into a relationship if my man thinks he can just go along for the ride. You get what you give in life so if you put in effort so will we.

    #5 “Guess what ladies, every time you refuse to have sex with your spouse because you’re “punishing” him, you’re one step closer to pushing him into cheating on you.”
    Pardon me?? So you are saying that I should have sex with my man even when I do not want to simply because it is my duty as a woman? Are you aware of the amount of marital rape that occurs? I am sorry but if I am not in the mood I am not in the mood, and sometimes something a man does makes you not in the mood. I am not going to lay there and “take it” just to make him happy because that is not rewarding for anyone because guess what … He knows you are not into it. After a huge fight odds are I don’t want to have sex, that is like a reward…”Oh honey I really hate it when you do___________ because it makes me feel like _____________ BUT I am still going to reward you with sex”. ALSO have you seen the “sex” men look up on the internet… I am sorry but I am not in the pornography industry for a reason so No I will not let you “arrive” on my face… Eww! I do not use sex as a weapon agains my significant other but I am not going to have it if I do not want to, and if that drives him to another woman GOOD ridiance you clearly are not the man for me.

    #6 Marriage is supposed to involve a life-long commitment. It isn’t supposed to be a choice.
    What happened if the person you married turns out not to be the person you thought they were? I wish all marriages worked out and were all sunrises and rainbows but the fact of the matter is that people change, what they want changes, how they view the world changes. The human brain is not fully developed mainly the prefrontal cortex (responsible for future planning) till the mid twenties hence why teenagers tend to make very bad decisions without thinking of the consequences… It is because they rationally can’t grasp the full effect of them yet. Many people who get married young go unfortunately are in the same boat. Divorce tends to happen after the children have flow form the nest and these two individuals who have been so busy tending to their little one, providing for them, all the while growing themselves look beside them and see a stranger. This is not the fault of feminism but because life happens, people change, and not always for the better. My great grandmother told my mother that she would have divorced if it was acceptable in her time, my grandmother the same. The reason why marriage lasted so long in the past is because
    A – people did not live as long
    B – people were limited in travel thus limited in mate selection
    C – women were trapped in the relationships.
    Just look at prim historical examples, Henry the eights formed a WHOLE new religion (the church of England) so he could divorce Catharine of Aragon because the pope said no… Don’t tell me it was because she was to much of a feminist. It was because Catharine was older and he wanted to have sex with Anne Bolyn and she would not unless they we married. We all know how well that turned out for the lovely Anne and a few of his other wives. Also it was perfectly acceptable for a man to cheat and have many mistresses and wives had to put up with it.. No thank you sir.

    # 7 “one person has to be willing to trust the other person enough to allow them the final say”

    Why does it have to be the man? Women are very good at making rational decisions and planning for the future, we are more then able to do this, why does it have to be a mans duty. In all reality a marriage or partnership should be just that a partnership made of two equals who equally make decisions. Two heads are better then one and having someone to consult when making decisions is important because you may have a bias towards the matter at hand and also being involved in decisions makes a person feel like they matter. I am sorry but I am not going to put 110% Faith in my man because if I did I might end up like Ann Boleyn and get my head Chopped off because I could not produce a son, pretty sure she was not involved in that decision.

    • Melissa S

      It’s really unfortunate that you wasted so much time writing a dissertation, because I have a life and am not going to read the whole thing. A quick skim was all I needed. The reality is that YOU (or me or anyone else) don’t get to decide how things are. God made that determination, and sorry to break it to you, but he gets the final say. He did not create us equal. Relationships do not work that way. No type of relationship…..parent/child, employer/employee, husband/wife. It doesn’t work, because someone needs to be the authority figure. If you don’t have that, there will always be a power struggle of some sort. This is not a difficult concept, yet many people refuse to accept that it’s true.

      When your (future) relationship fails (and it will), it will be your own doing. And if, by some miracle, you do manage to find a lasting relationship, it’s either because the guy has self-esteem issues or he just isn’t being honest about the fact that he’s unhappy.

      • Moz

        Don’t know what kind of ‘god’ you believe in but the God I follow did in fact make us all equal. The assumed authority of one person over another, especially in marriage, is all as a result of ‘the fall’ when sin entered into the world, but you clearly don’t believe this, as you place the blame for unequal relationships on God.

        If you want to see a real feminist and advocate for women’s equality in action then simply read the Gospels. Jesus continually went against all the man-made societal and religious practices of the day that relegated women to the status of animals and made a point of respecting and elevating women, giving them a voice and even making them his disciples.

        It’s such a pity that many of his so called followers don’t actually follow his example at all! They simply adhere to the fallen ideological views of the world and man-made religion like everyone else and that’s why we always end up with rubbish like this thread!

    • Liberty

      I find parts of your very long treatise to be troubling.
      You typed: “Just because a man has a penis does not make him better than me.”
      And just because a woman has a womb does not mean she has the right to kill the innocent unborn child inside her. You typed that if a woman did not go through 9 months of gestation, we would not be here. Well, a woman cannot get pregnant without a man’s sperm. And if as a feminist you are so proud of the 9-month gestation period, then why would you support abortion? Don’t the unborn children have a right to exist and to be born?
      Feminists seem to believe that a woman can treat a child she doesn’t want as a piece of trash by aborting that child and at the same time treat a child she does want as a meal ticket by demanding child support from the father and welfare from the state. How about making better choices? Stop fooling around with losers, marry a decent, stable guy and have children when both of you are ready. This way you don’t have to abort the children you don’t want and demand welfare and child support for the children you kept but can’t support on your own. Or are promiscuity, illegitimacy and taxpayer-funded subsidization of poor decisions all a part of feminist choices?
      Then you ask, “why should you depend on a man?” Who said you do? Feminists believe that women shouldn’t be dependent on men but that they should be dependent on the government and the courts to give them welfare, child support, alimony and social services when they can’t deal with the consequences of their poor decisions. You don’t want to depend on a man? No problem. Don’t sleep with them. Why should the taxpayers have to pay to provide you with treatment for your STDs, abortions, and welfare?
      Why should men depend on women? A man can hire an egg donor and surrogate mother to have children or he can adopt. He can hire nannies too. More men are doing exactly that – thanks to feminism. So forget about marriage and family – just outsource the sperm donation, the egg donation, the pregnancy and the child care. When little Sally asks where is daddy, mom will say he was sample # 1,121. When Jimmy asks where is mommy, dad will say she was sample # 443 and your birth mother was sample # 532. Maybe you will get to meet them one day.
      Women couldn’t work? There were women working since the beginning of time and they hated it. In those days, people didn’t have careers, they had physically draining jobs. Until the end of World War II, most jobs constituted hard physical labor in construction, shipyards, mines, slaughterhouses, farms, sewers, tunnels, factories. laundries, smelly offices and warehouses. Men did most of the hard jobs and the women who had to do them were pitied. Yes, women may have been prevented from entering careers but so were many men and most men were not professionals. At least middle class and upper class women could have carefree lives with servants. But all men, even rich ones, were expected to work.
      Feminists compare women with the men at the top and say they want all women to be equal to those men. But they ignore the men at the bottom. Feminists don’t care about equality for the working class men who are abused, molested and oppressed.
      Do you also know that until the 1970s, most people didn’t think that men could be raped? Many thought if a man was raped, he asked for it and was a pervert. Many never believed that a man could be abused by a woman.
      Men suffered a lot but the feminist movement today doesn’t care. There is no legitimate feminist movement – it is just a female entitlement movement. No one cares that there men are more likely than women to go to prison, become homeless, go to mental institutions, drop out of high school and college, commit suicide, become a murder victim and refused social services. You think being a man is easy? You are in for a shock.

      • Guy

        Well. What you meant to say was…. if a men didnt go through a few minutes of absolute pleasure….. we wouldnt be here either…. yep…. its a mans world. Man up guys …. dont let some pussy tell you otherwise….

    • Days of Broken Arrows

      I agree men and women should be equal.

      When women invent and build as much of the world as men, then they’ll be equal. When women don’t outlive men by five years, we’ll be equal. When women’s suicide rates equal men’s, we’ll be equal. When more women die on the job, we’ll be equal…

  • A Woman (second part)

    Sorry I ran out of room haha …

    # 8 STI’s on the rise …
    Last time I checked it takes two to tango, it is not only promiscuous women who are the problem in order for them to spread they have to have willing partners. What about the men who cheat on their wives and then bring one home with them? Me being on the side of total equality does not make my morals any looser and some things that can be contracted through sex such as HIV/AIDS can be contracted from dirty needles, tattoo shops, or even trying to save the life of someone who is infected and bleeding.
    The rise of STI’s is not a result of feminism but one of poor sexual education and a lack of proper protection being available… Or some people just don’t care.

    #9 .. How did I know this would come up…Abortion!
    “Abortion is, by far, one of the biggest ways that feminism has destroyed the world. Women now feel that they have complete control over their bodies”I am sorry but pardon me?? I am not a brood mare, my only purpose in life is not to have children. – If I am raped should I be forced to bring that child into the world?- If I am a teen mother or drug addict who will not be able to provide for my child and it will live a life of poverty am I being responsible by bringing that child into the world? – Maybe my pregnancy is prone to complications where I might die – Maybe my child has a birth defect that they can detect in womb and my child will be born to short lived life of agony or a long life with zero quality- A mother in who’s husband has brought home HIV/AIDS to her (happens all the time in Africa) and he child will be born with it? Also I know men who have pushed their partners to abortion even though the woman wanted to keep the child. These are ALL thing to be taken under consideration, not all and I would say the vast amount of abortions are not because of the reason you stated thought some are, But saying that it is al because of feminism… I take a measure of comfort to know that as a woman I am able to choose, that I can end the potential misery of a awful life before it begins because when you think about it children cant choose their parents and they don’t ask to be born it is because of our decisions so we better be making the right ones. Number 10 … God given roles.There are many female gods in many religions, there are multiple religions in general.. I am sorry but just because a book tells me that I am inferior to a man and that I should be submissive to him I am not going to accept that. I am not bashing your religion but I am am saying times have change from when the bible was written, the roles of women back them were as they are written in the bible… Do you really think that the author of the bible would throw in there “Oh yeah we are going to go against society’s norms and say that women are better then men?” In those days women were stones in the streets for infidelity were men? In salem women were burned at the stake because they were “witches” … How many of them actually were a lot less then the innocent women who were wrongly accused. If a god tells me that I am worth less then a man simply because I am capable of carrying life within me… I would tell him he is wrong.
    Now, I do understand and agree that RADICAL Feminism is not a good thing as any extreme is going to lead to problems, that there are some people out there that need to relax a little bit, but wanting to be equal to a man, wanting to be able to be independent, to control what happens to my body, to get an education, have a job, refuse sex, be able to divorce when I am unhappy in a situation that does not make me and people like me the reason why the world is falling apart and believing that is simply wrong. I write you a list just like yours about how men are making the wold fall apart there would be things on there such as Porn – gives not only men but young boys who will one day turn into me unrealistic and down right vulgar expectations of their women.Infidelity Strip clubs – Taking advantage of young women who are in need of money, perhaps trying to support a family, demeaning to women, and yet again gives unrealistic expectations. And then a man could respond with Infidelity – Men naturally are drawn to younger women because biologically they search for the fittest and best of the species to procreate wit, also men are able to reproduce their entire lives after puberty while women only have a select time frame. (thus how monogamy naturally and biologically is NOT intended)
    When it all comes down to it, you are entitled to your opinion and I mine. But I find this very offensive and a little shocking considering you are a woman yourself. If it were not for feminism and the strive for equal rights you would not have been able to post this, you would not vote, you would not be equal, be able to work, to continuo with an education and be able to excel as an individual and to reach your fullest potential.
    A Woman, member of the work force, voter, volunteer, university student, one day wife and mother, the future of this world.

  • Irena

    I wouldn’t get into the Bible, but I agree that feminism has destroyed men and women. Now everything is full of girly males and women that are acting like man-hating lesbians. It’s so sad when I walk down the street and there are many good-looking guys but they all have that girly vibe. Women have too become unnatural, they lost their style and grace, no wonder men think they are all the same.
    Women now have many rights that they didn’t have before sexual revolution, but the price for that was the extinction of the natural relationship between a man and a woman.

    • AL

      Sad when you walk down the street and there are many Good-looking guys, but they all have that girly vibe?

      No one is making them that way. It’s their choice.

      • Darrin Gould

        Disagree Al. In Modern Times…we have too many Boy’s being raised without a Dad or Father Figure. No thanks to Big Daddy Government making Single Mommyhood a lucrative option. Think what you like? A Woman can raise a Boy…but not a Man! It’s not really a choice if they don’t conscientiously know why they behave the way that they do, Even Gay Folks are conscientiously aware of why they are Gay. But an Effeminated Male is an abhorrent thing amongst the judgment of Masculinity around other Males! Since there are now more Single Mommies than Married One’s…we are seeing the effects first hand. More Suicides, More Academic Dropout, More Prisoners and Crime, Less and less ability to Cope, Girls act like Boys, Boys act like Girls. Women are less and less Feminine, and now the Men don’t want them! There is no value in a Marriage anymore…a lot of Men are calling it quits. They are choosing to be alone, or going outside of the Spoiled Western World to find Romance and Opportunity somewhere else. Thank You Feminism…Now I’m the one who is truly Free and Liberated.

        • Rob Nells

          I disagree. My father left us when I was just a little kid. She was a stay-at-home mother. After he left, it was my mother who put food on the table and a roof over our heads. We all turned out to be productive, hardworking human beings. None of my sisters were spoiled rotten. They had successful marriages and raised their children. My brothers and I took care of our families, and none felt like the girly, girly type some of you describe. Seems like some dudes want to blame the whole blame on the female gender, but overlook the mess they help create. I personally know many women that raised their family alone, and not by choice. They did a fantastic job raising their children, but no one wants to hear that. Of course, the best way to raise a family is by having both parents present.

          The author mentioned that women are working outside the home and allowing strangers to raise them. Many of those women would rather stay home and raise their children, but they’re not able to. Maybe back in the 50s things used to be that way. However, one-salary households doesn’t cut it anymore. Everything is so expensive these days, that even two-salary households are having a hard time keeping up with bills. More and more companies are still laying off its workers and making it extremely difficult for families to live on. Now that’s reality.

          • ABCXYZ

            ROB: You have been well coached by your Mom obviously but just remember one thing, we ALWAYS hear about how wonderful single or married Moms are on the news, and most entertainment media. if you don’t hear this then you are deaf. Very little is mentioned about fathers. To get to the point: it is natural thus imperative that the single parent family usually led by Mommies, stop! It has only become fashionable over 50 years because of the legal system, birth control pill, TECHNOLOGIES creating soft indoor Careers … result, even middle aged men do not want to be involved with a one-sided relationship, let alone the younger men whom are avoiding it like a plague. In my time ROB, we never heard the word divorce, women were farrrrr happier than today and MARRIED.

        • ABCXYZ

          DARRIN: You’ve nailed it and, isn’t weird that some people still don’t comprehend the causes?

      • Rob Nells

        You’re absolutely right. No one is making them. It’s just a worn out excuse these dudes constantly bring up for their own failures. People have choice, and these men decided who they want to be.The only one to blame is he himself.

        • ABCXYZ

          OMG you are so dense Rob. sorry but your Mom and perhaps other females too have fed you a lot of misinformation or, you resent not having a father help raising you. Glad U R not the norm.

      • ABCXYZ

        AL: Wrong; it is the way they were raised often by s single parent Mom plus other social environmental factors in the media, the legal system, schools, …

  • Moz

    Men have been quite happily destroying the world long before feminism came along. Stupid, sexist article, nothing more.

    • P.J.101

      what u wanted to say is : “have built everything, invented everything, established everything and besides that protected and helped everybody survive”.

      you’re welcome.

      • Moz

        Well thank you for telling me what I ‘wanted’ to say, but ahh… NO. What I wanted to say was exactly what I wrote 3 years ago and I still stand by it today.

        Try reading some real history books sometime and not just the dumbed-downed, West-centrist, pop culture variety. You will even find out that there were, indeed, many women who invented things (though they were never given credit for them), worked to establish civilizations and gave their lives to defend others – golly gosh! The truth can be hard to handle sometimes eh sweetie?

        Why such disdain and animosity towards women? What are you afraid of? Why can’t you show some respect for ALL humanity, male and female alike? It’s really not that hard, we’re all in this thing call ‘life’ together you know and it would be a hell of a lot better if we could respect, acknowledge and encourage each other in it.

        • Guy

          Women arent bad sweety, dont misunderstand us…. we just saying that you nowhere near a mans potential….. get over it. Men want to be complimented by you and not compete with you. In your quest to proove a farsical point and lie about oppression you effectively destoying society

      • Rob Nells

        You forgot to mention the following problems that we caused: Wars for profit, diseases, corruption, hunger, torture, experimenting on people without their consent, greed & power, vaccines that knowingly will cause injury or death; all in the name of making big profits. The list is endless, but we’d rather just forget about those problems we created and brag only on our accomplishments, which weren’t that great after all.

        • Guy

          In other words you mean we did everythibg good and bad and women did nothing? Their best is big red and clinton and ours is elon musk and einsten…. nuff said

    • Guy

      Funny then how the world wasnt destoyed if we destroyed it……

  • dantheman

    good to see someone in america who adheres to basic moral principles that are fundamental for any civilization to survive. It is rather comical the way women rant on about being able to perform on par with or at a greaterl level than men in everything. i live in mauritius and the “feminist” way of thinking is unfortunately trickling through into our schools. being 19 years of age and an avid rugby player, track and field athlete, and gymer i know for a fact that men and women arent created equal. iim not saying that women cant work and be successful,or play sports but please realize that if you dont produce children then you are by definition selfish as you are failing to contribute anything of real value to society and the human race. furthermore abortion is WRONG!! but then i guess that babies are not as important as womens happiness so whatever just kill the brats how dare they be conceived i mean its completely their own fault hey…..if women are superior to men and are so much more capable then hows about we get rid of,hmm i dont know..EVERYTHING seeing as though it must be inferior to what women can produce and start from scratch! oh wait what are the chances of that..its funny how feminists say they are so proud to be a woman, and encourage everyone else to think the same way but they are constantly trying to be men..if you are proud to be a woman, then be a woman! the family is the most important institution that humanity has! good families make for a good society so dont you think everyone would benefit if the family was a priority! women used to be treasured and protected, whilst men were out slaving away and dying on th battlefield to make sure their families and their culture survived and that has all been turned on its head! I believe women have the right to vote, have jobs, and play sports ect but feminism has gone beyond so called eqaulity and now promotes womens needs over men, well that my friend is to the detriment of everyone! I am verry interested to see how things turn out. we are supposed to be debating feminism in class tomorow and frankly the more ive been researching it and becoming aware of its influence on society the more i am disgusted! Im not particulary religious but to be honest from that side of the argument the bible seems to make more sense than todays supposedly modern way of thinking. it appears whoever compiled it was onto some fundamental truths about how things should function so everyone involved could benefit. i love women but hate feminism and everything it stands for! on my part i will try to uphold chivalry and be respectful of women, and strive to be selfless, and do so without complaining, but it would be nice for women to also learn to place others above themselves.

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  • Norm

    “Women now have many rights that they didn’t have before sexual revolution, ”

    What rights do women have now, that they didn’t have before the ‘sexual revolution’? (I don’t know that I’d simply call abortion a ‘right’)

    • ABCXYZ

      NORM: The rights they have have been garnished by the legal system of Family Court to almost always receive more custody of children, which is a HUGE advantage plus, Governments often replace husbands/fathers upon a split up PLUS, ever noticed how many Civil Servant positions are held by females > in government offices, schools, hospitals, etc.? ALL those so called prestigious Careers are paid for via TAXES from the non-government Private sector where men mostly are. See my point? Government has become a BIg Business using TAX to look after a LOT OF FEMALES.

  • Phuong


  • rajesh goud

    i feel sorry for my american brothers(testosteronic) and women (estrogenic) for not being able to freely express their view on feminity and homosexuality.

    everyone starts by saying ‘im nt agianst gay’,umm ..thn

    what this fuck?

    we hate some minor mentally diseased homosexuals and fantatic feminists, whichh is exactly opposite of nature.

    i strongly feel that aliens from mars trying to destroy our planet with arms of feminity, and homsexuality which eventually make human extinct by not having offspring.

    and tht fucking feminity, being indian i strongly condem those selfish loosers, who call themselves as feminsts and eventually making their children as gay.

  • God’sHonestTruthOfAll

    Low Life Loser women are everywhere these days, and it is No surprise to me.

  • Really

    A woman president would certainly be a Total Disaster all together.

    • ABCXYZ

      REALLY: Even if she had the policies of a Thatcher who was for privatization YES, U R correct because Thatcher came across as a tough unfeminine man > since her reign women of England have become more and more like her. Can U imagine if Hillary won? Take away the technologies over the past 50 to 60 years and guess what would happen? We’d quickly revert back to women relying on men.

  • P.J.101

    *”women”, not just the some very very few feminists. It’s all the masses and masses and masses of women, it’s the mainstream of women, the mayority of women, who like what feminism does, who are silence, who silently enjoy all the privileges, who don’t care about men and all the unseakable injustice perpetrated against men , but instead even find it funny, … etc etc.
    It’s WOMEN, not just feminism. Blaming (just) feminism is nothing but another female deflection of responsibility.

  • P.J.101

    *”women”, not just the some very very few feminists. It’s all the masses and masses and masses of women, it’s the mainstream of women, the mayority of women, who like what feminism does, who are silence, who silently enjoy all the privileges, who don’t care about men and all the unseakabla injustice against men , but instead even find it funny, … etc etc.
    It’s WOMEN, not just feminism. Blaming (just) feminism is nothing but another female deflection of responsibility.

    ” Those are the women…”
    Stop right there, i know how this is gonna turn out :
    … who basically just want men to contunie to be their workslaves.
    Not gonna happen.
    You women alread destroyed western free society beyond repair; Its Death is inevitable.

    This is why i strongly believe, we will all become islamic.
    Society truely can only exist and develop any meaningfull culture, science, just society, …stability … when it’s ruled by men, aka when it is a patrierchy. .. which also predicts that the most probable thing to happen will be a takeover by a strong patriarcial culture; And that i guess will be islam.


    Melissa, what does one have to type in order for you to reply respectfully, from your monologue?

    • Guy

      Factual statements…. and non of this 4th wave feminist crap…. then you get a response

      • ABCXYZ

        Feminism is starting its 4th. wave come to think of it Guy, since it did take root during the 60s. I read again, Melissa’s Top 10 comments and her facts pretty well says it all. What did U think of PM Trudeau and President Trump’s meeting with female business entrepreneurs in the White House? Both leaders want to propel more women into the business workforce. How is this sort of action going to help family life?

        • Guy

          well, it isnt. Women may look at men and all they see is a credit card. Men dont usually look at women this way. a 35 year old millionaire female is not viewed by men as suited to propagating genes with. a young submissive eager to experience life 18 year old will always be more attractive to a guy.
          Look, this should not mean that women must stay at home. Their prime years are in their 20s. Get married earlier, and if its a great guy then you can study and get educated in your marriage. Kids and studying should be just as hard as working and kids. have your kids and your love first.

          • ABCXYZ

            “Look, this should not mean that women must stay at home” is the only assertion GUY I disagree with, the rest is pretty well slotted. My mother and most mothers in my era has a birth rate of 4.5 not KIDs but wonderful children who had father home everyday too. It baffles me as to why both women think it is s demotion to spend much time at home while males love being home away from the grind of work. And, a stay-at-home WIFE first mother second, which is the way it has always been until the 60s, never meant to be at home all day long as a reality. And don’t forget the lesson from Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ as its theme > “there’s no place like home”. Thank you for your sharing GUY.


    IRENA: Girly men indeed but especially in urban centres and mostly white men who have been raised by single “UNNATURAL thus abnormal” Moms. If you look a real rural areas, there are still some traditional men yet mostly middle aged ones. The under 40 men whether rural or urban are actually scared stiff of becoming involved in a relationship where a child or more may be born because the separation stats are so high and then, the aftermath highly favours Mom controls. This is the biggest problem the entire west faces today. I know the causes of this but won’t get into it since it would be lengthy.

  • The Truth Is

    Once women’s liberation started that is when their brains went sour.

  • And That Is The Serious Truth

    Then again these Loser women will just grow old all alone with their Cats.

  • Real Truth Of All

    The biggest mistake was giving these women the right to vote. And after that which all hell broke loose.

  • And I Agree

    Women’s liberation started this complete mess to begin with.

  • AndThisIsWhyUsGoodMenAreSingle

    Well once these very stupid women became liberated and they gave them the right to vote which that is when America was Destroyed and Ruined many of us good innocent men altogether as well. A very big mistake there.

  • So True

    Everything went down hill once they gave these Idiots the right to vote.

  • AW

    Feminism is the route of all evil since it has certainly destroyed many of us good innocent men.

  • Reality Check

    Those garbage women are everywhere these days unfortunately. And brain dead as well.