standard 10 Simple Tips That Will Help You Find a Job

We have compiled a list (below) of a few smart and over looked tips to help job seekers find work. If you have any comments, leave them in one of the comment sections below.

Create Different Versions of your Resume

Update about 2 or 3 versions of your resume to match your skills, granted that you have skills in more than one area, and market them to employers that they match closest to.

Also – be sure to build an email list of prospective employers and do the mass BCC mail. Name your resume “your name/new applicant resume for review”. Do not put short term jobs on your resume, pad them, or leave them off all together. No recruiter wants to hire a job jumping employee.



The Local Business Pages

I can’t count the number of times I have found work by simply going through the categories in the Yellow Pages that interest me, or that I am qualified for. This is biggest sleeper of all times as far as job hunting tips are concerned. I look at business directories as a listing of companies that are advertising & in business, that may need your expertise.



The Local Workforce Commission

In the State of Texas, we have a workforce commission with offices statewide. In their offices they have computers, faxes, and job leads. Maybe its the same in your state or province.



Friends and Family

Don’t let pride be your enemy. Be sure to inform friends and family of your efforts to find work. They may know something or someone that can help, provide a lead, or better yet, get you hired at their job.



Craig’s List

This is a wonderful resource for finding work. Try it out. It can be tricky, laden with lots of scams and spammers posing as employers, but it is still a good source for a top down view at who may be hiring in your area.



Local Newspaper

Don’t forget the local papers generally have the most job listings in the Sunday Edition. Then get the Wednesday edition, by then the 3 days ads will have expired and you should get fresh new leads.



Work Wanted Ad

If you have a few dollars left over from previous pay or from unemployment compensation, get a 20$, 3 line, work wanted ad. List your skills.



Filling out Job Applications Suck!

Don’t ever waste time filling out applications if you have not verified that you will be interviewed, or at least that the company is hiring. It just doesn’t pay to be filling out job applications with companies who aren’t hiring. You would not believe the amount of people who practice this nonsense and have the nerve to complain about not having a job.



Dress Code

Don’t over do it. Don’t under do it.

Just be sure to be at the top of your game for the dress code of the position, and for the company, you are looking for work with. You don’t need to show up for a construction job with a tie on, and you don’t need to show up for office pro position in jeans, unless that’s the dress code. even if it is, always be casually a cut above, but far from over done.




You actually have to execute, build the email list of the recruiter emails you can find, get the resume’s ready, fire them off. Be able to answer your phone. Most importantly and normally forgotten, follow up. Don;t forget, get permission to follow up. If they say we’ll call you, keep looking for work.

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