standard 10 Reasons Why You Must Have Road Side Assistance

After one of my friends told me his horrific story of running out of gas and cars I’ve driven in the past breaking down, I now look at road side assistance like your cell phone; NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT.

Here are 10 reasons why you must have road side assistance.

10. People are scary. If you break down, 9 times out of 10, no one passing by is going to help you. For all they know, you’re trying to be the next Charles Manson.

Ask my friend. He ran out of gas and had to walk 5 miles there and five miles back. When he got there, he ran into #9..

9. Gas cans are freakin’ expensive! For 1 gallon of gas in the middle of no where, you are going to pay at least $12 for a gas can you will only use one time in your life. Why one time? Because you never want to walk those 10 miles again. You’ll remember #10 forever.

8. People are selfish. To add to #10, most people these days are only thinking about themselves. Why give you a ride when they have somewhere to be? Must be crazy! You’re better off calling a taxi.

7. You’re not a mechanic. Luckily for me, my dad was a mechanic but everyone (actually a huge majority) doesn’t know what a blown head gasket is or why their car is overheating. When that baby finally says “I’m done. I can’t take it anymore” you better have a way to cover your a** or you’ll be dealing with one of the most expensive parts of leaving your car on the side of the road; which is #6.

6. Your car gets towed. If you leave your abandoned car on the side of the road for too long (sometimes upto 72 hours) it will be towed to who knows where. It would suck if your car got towed all because you had a flat tire.

5. Don’t know anything about cars. When I say anything, I mean changing a tire, checking oil; the basic stuff. There are people who when it comes to cars, they only think about gas. As long as they have gas they’re good. This catches up eventually. If you don’t know the basics, roadside assistance is a MUST for you.

4. If your car gets stolen, what would you do? Now there is only one roadside assistance service I know of that covers theft but this is one of those situations of you never know. I have friends that use to steal cars and from what they told me, they don’t even know when they are going to do it. They just do.

3. Wire hangers don’t work anymore. If you’re like me, you make the mistake of locking your keys in the car every now and again. Having the peace of mind knowing that all you have to do is dial a 1800 number and you’re ready to go in less than an hour is like no other.

2. Saving money is expensive! Skimming on roadside assistance service to save a few pennies a day is not smart. People think because they don’t use it for a while, they don’t need it. I went without roadside assistance service for a while but after weighing the good vs. the bad, I looked in the mirror and thought “Are you dumb”. Best money I ever spent; especially when my car ran hot and I had get towed; which brings me to #1.

1. Tow trucks are expensive! This is even with some roadside assistance services. If you don’t have service, you’re going to pay like $80 to $100 just for them to hook your car up. After that, you’re paying PER MILE; and they’re worse than taxis.

I don’t suggest Triple A because they only cover you for 5 miles. If you want real coverage, use who I use; Motor club of America. They cover you for up 100 miles and you get unlimited tows. Can’t beat that with a stick! If my car breaks down now, I just hit them up, get towed to wherever and I’m GOOD.

If you don’t have roadside assistance and this didn’t wake you, I don’t know what to tell you.

One thing I do know though is it sucks when you don’t have it when you need it. I’ve learned from my friend’s experience. I’ve always had it 😉

And remember #8. people aren’t going to be too quick to let you use their tows. LOL. Remember they only get 3 per year.

Hope you found this post humorous but at the same time, informative.

I’m out

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