standard 10 (Really Obvious) Online Dating Don’ts

The Wonderful World of Online Dating


Due to people’s hectic lives, online dating has become the norm for a lot of people who are looking for love .

Chances are, if you haven’t done so yourself, you probably know someone who’s signed up for sites like, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, or one of the gazillion other paid and free dating websites.

If you’re like me and don’t goOnline Dating out much, it’s an easy way to meet local people, whether you’re looking for a relationship or just for new friends.

I’ve met most of my friends this way, so I guess some good has come of it.  There are bad apples out there too (I’ve met WAY too many of those as well), so you have to always be cautious.

That’s a given though, and you can meet some great people as long as you’re smart about it.

There are just certain things that you should not do though, because they will probably immediately turn people off.

Below are my top pet peeves in online dating.



10 Things NOT to Do on Online Dating Sites

1.  Post pics of you with another man or woman. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s your sister/brother, platonic friend, or the stripper down the street.  No one is going to know who it is unless you tell them….and you may not get that opportunity, because they will assume it is your ex-spouse or significant other, which is just tacky.

Even if it’s someone you’ve never been involved with, save yourself the headache and refrain from posting pics of you with people of the opposite sex.


2.  Send a message that says nothing more than “hi”.


This just about guarantees that you aren’t going to get a response back.  Have the decency to tell the person about yourself or what it was about their profile that caught your eye.

After all, aren’t you there to learn something about each other?

I promise you that a “hi” message just isn’t going to cut it.  If that’s all the effort you’re willing to put forth, don’t even bother messaging the person.


3.  Ask someone if they’d like to get to know you when you aren’t even close to their stated preference.

Candy heart - email meSeriously, if someone specifically states in their profile that they’re looking for a person that’s black, white, athletic, Christian, has no kids, etc., etc., and you don’t fit that description, don’t waste your time asking them if they want to get to know you.

The answer is NO.

Don’t then proceed to interrogate them as to why they have that particular preference.  Just move on.

Trust me, you aren’t so special that you’re going to magically change their mind.


4.  Post pictures of your car, truck, house, motorcycle.

If you’re one of these people that’s posting pictures of their material possessions, it’s a testament to your insecurity as a person.

Anyone that has something to offer doesn’t need to do this.  It’s tacky and it will turn off nearly everyone that isn’t a gold digger.

However, if that’s what you’re looking for, then by all means, this is the way to go.  Rock on.


5.  Post pictures of yourself from 1982.

Why, for the love of God, do people post pictures of themselves from DECADES ago??

We can tell that your profile picture is from 1982.  And that’s a sure-fire sign that you look like crap now, because if you didn’t, you would post a current pic.

And don’t give us this BS about how you don’t have a scanner or a digital camera.  Nearly everyone has a camera on their cell phones these days, so we aren’t buying it…..and if you don’t, ask your friend, family member, or coworker to take a picture of you.

No excuses.  That is all.


6.  Post trashy pics of yourself and then get upset when people are only interested in sex.

Ladies, this one is primarily for you!

If you post pics of yourself barely wearing any clothes, in provocative poses, and/or with your tits and ass hanging out, you have no right to get upset that men only want you for sex.

I have a lot of male friends who do the dating sites, and I hear all the time about women who do this, and then cry about the fact that men use them and then leave.

Really??  How dumb can you be!

If you look like a slut, the men are only thinking about one thing…..and when they meet you, they’re going to tell you whatever they have to because they know they’ll be able to get you naked if they play on your insecurities.

And yes, if you post pictures like that of yourself, you ARE insecure, and you’re telling the world that you’re desperate for any kind of attention you can get.Loser smiley face

Women who truly have something to offer a man don’t need to put themselves out there like that.


7.  Continue messaging someone who either didn’t respond or told you they weren’t interested.

Believe it or not, this happens a lot.

You’d think that if you ignore someone’s message, it would be obvious that you aren’t interested.

Not the case.

Many of these people continue to message you even though you don’t respond.

What’s even worse is that some message you again even if you come right out and tell them you aren’t interested.

Great way to make yourself look desperate!


8.  Ask questions that are CLEARLY stated in the other person’s profile.

This one makes me crazy, because it just proves the person is too lazy to actually read your profile.

Before asking the person what they’re looking for, if they have kids, what they do for a living, maybe, just MAYBE, you should read their profile!

Trust me, if the information you’re asking about is already in there, the person is going to know that you didn’t bother to read what they posted.

The absolute worst is when someone starts out a message with “I really liked your profile” and then you can tell by whatever follows that they didn’t even look at it.


9.  Send the same message to everyone, going way over the top tacky….as if we can’t tell you’re full of BS.

*Sigh* I really wish I had a great, real-life example of this, but alas, I have deleted all these ridiculous messages.

Those of you that do the dating sites (women especially) know what I’m talking about though.

The ones where the person goes on about how they can’t believe they have never in their life stumbled upon someone as incredibly beautiful (umm, yeah), that has such a big heart (how would you know?), that must have hung the moon and stars, and can walk on water…..yep, you get the idea.

Time to pull out the hip boots cause it’s getting deep!

You know they’re copying and sending this same absurd message to everyone, and they think people are dumb enough to fall for it.

Sadly, I’m sure some poor fools do, but most of us aren’t that stupid.


10.  Get mad when someone isn’t interested in meeting immediately.

Crazy person with a knife

Yep, psycho I tell you!

That doesn’t mean they don’t want to meet at all, just that they’re being cautious.

We all know there are lots of crazies out there, and it’s hard to weed them out without getting to know them a little bit.

You can claim you’re not crazy all you want.  But if you get all pissed off because we’re being careful and don’t want to meet you within an hour of making first contact, we KNOW you’re lying!

Nothing says psycho like you cussing someone out and calling them every name in the book because they won’t drop what they’re doing to come meet you in a secluded place somewhere.




Online dating can be very successful.  If you’re fortunate, you just might meet the man or woman of your dreams and live happily ever after!

Ok, I know…..but it does sometimes happen  LOL

Best of luck in your online dating endeavors.  Just don’t be one of the weirdos that does the above 10 things and you should be just fine 🙂

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10 Online Dating Don’ts

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