standard 10 Reasons Obamacare Is Unacceptable In a Free Society

State Run Health Care! Yeah! Wooooo Hooooo!

Finally, the Supremes have in their clutches the Hitler-level funk for the American people known as Obamacare. In their greasy hands lies the fate of a mans freedom to choose whether to pay for something he may not want or not. They have in their hands, the chance to destroy and utterly obliterate, the shame of Obamian hypocrisy, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – aka, Obamacare.

If we are lucky, and you know damn well we aren’t, Obamacare is history.


10 Reasons Why Obamacare is a Bad Idea


  • Your employer would no longer be compelled to get you the best price for health insurance, they lose that freedom. In fact, they are better off dropping you and leaving you to state run health care anyway. State Run Health Care will be a money saver for the big corporations if they decide against being health care providers and choose to stick to their core businesses.


  • The Government forces you to buy a product that you may not be able to afford, or, may not want. Government force is always bad. Ever hear of Nazi Germany, or USSR – Russia? Although most Americans tend to be ignorant, history isn’t. This isn’t about healthcare at all, its about force. The are just using the healthcare issue to set the precedent. Besides, why would the healthcare industry need almost 20,000 new IRS agents. With Guns!


  • The government has a bad record of managing the public trust. Yes, you would be giving these idiots access to your medical records, and control over your health care. They can’t even manage their own damn budget.


  • Obamacare is constitutionally illegal, no doubt about it, we just have to hope the Supreme Court rules on the side of the legal filter known as the US Constitution.


  • Expect quasi death panels for the elderly if we allow the federal government to ration health care, which is what will happen under Obamacare. Those likely to die due to inevitable aging won’t get treatment in favor of those likely to live longer, and pay into the system because they would be a bad investment. Even worse, the government may decide to spend all the illegally pilfered funds on the elderly, which would be a waste, which government is good at. Lose, Lose, either way. No way in hell they get it right, no way in hell. Mark my words and quote me on that one.


  • Government will decide which medical procedures are acceptable for investment, the hell with the patient.

  • People who pay for the government healthcare plan may not get it if it’s rationed out. In other words, you are guaranteed not to get what you pay for and will receive less care than you are already overpaying for, but at a higher price. Why? Because your pool is expanding to help cover people who have no intention of paying for there healthcare. You know, folks who are out to get something for “free”.


  • Its an unprecedented power grab by the government. You lose the freedom to choose if you want health care or not. Not matter how warm and fuzzy it feels, it would only be the beginning of the last stages of the fall of the American people, to their government, which was never intended.


  • Americans will be one step closer to serving the government, which thrives on the backs of the poor.


  • Its pure socialism. In America. Who would have thought…


  • Prices have already skyrocketed, good grief. Obamacare hasn’t even been implemented yet..


  • Why did all those companies Obama gave waivers to, need waivers? I want one. [Obama Approved Waivers] I guess whats good for me and you ain’t good enough for Obama and his friends. Double standards are normal in socialism. The “workers” (as they call citizens for some reason) don’t get the best plan, they get a plan that’s “for” them. However, huge Obama contributors don’t have to deal with the bullshit that’s being shoved up our… well, you know what I mean.


By VizFact (a man who wants an Obamacare waiver)

I have no need or want for federalized health care non assurance. I keep that premium money for myself and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Well, not really, I am just naturally healthy. If I do get cancer, because I smoke, I will fall back on all the taxes my cigarette fees have paid into the health care system as a result of government intrusion. I ain’t about to pay for it twice. I figure if people are stupid enough to fall for Obamacare they are surely dumb enough to pay for my healthcare expenses. Have at it and thanks ahead of time.


10 Problems With Obamacare

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