standard 10 People You Shouldn’t Argue With

By Vizfact

10. Obama Fanatics

These people are not worth arguing with. Obama can do no wrong in the eyes of some. Be it because of his race, being a clean well spoken negro, or some other reason, these people are simply not worth fighting with, unless they threaten your family, in that case, ass kicking is a must.

If you do undertake the task, be sure to have a good buzz of some sort. Having a beer is a good counter measure to the common fool. It facilitates watching their reaction time while slowing yours, which is perfect for entertainment purposes.


9. Victims of The Two Party Political System

With a strong influence from point number 10 (see above) it is easy to see that the people described in point number 10 are obviously included with the other geniuses in point number 9. Republicans are Democrats you idiots! Can’t you see it! Look!

Every 50 years or so they swap party names. Trust me, you don’t want to be silly enough to fall for the 2 party system. They lean on each other. One of them always wins the argument, neither of them are genuine, they never solve the problem, then, they take turns.


8. Dumbasses

If you have been fortunate enough to make it to number 8 then I applaud you. You are well on your way to mastery of the VizFactian theory of everyone, everything, and not taking dumbasses for granite. These people are important. The single most significant point I can make about dumb-asses is that they, in most cases, do not realize how dumb they are.

Therefore, the laboratory of intellectual social study is set up for an optimized experience in learning about people. Watch the idiots parade about parroting what they heard on the main stream news. Regardless of which side of the political pond they drink out of, it’s all (the Democrat versus Republican idea) mutually beneficial reinforced BS built to serve the status quo.

Enter crash dummies. What do they give us? Understanding.


7. Law Enforcement

You should not argue with these people but rather identify which sort of dumb-ass they are, and structure your mode of interaction accordingly. It is always best to hold the moral high ground and the mental upper hand without letting them know it. Then you have a shot of coming out ahead.


6. Internet Anti-Illuminsts

So who really cares if a bunch of generationally rich cats think they run the world, run the world, or either want to. You  aren’t going to do anything about it. Last I checked there is something called freedom of assembly. I guess its ok for them thar Bilderbergers to assemble in the woods and play with each other.

People who get their knowledge from YouTube videos, made by other people who made YouTube videos, that have circumstantial evidence to back up lizard people and the government having secret pacts with the alien/demon boogeymen are simply not worth arguing with.

They can be quite entertaining. I have a special place in my heart for those videos, and its not next to the bathroom. Not that I have anything against spooky facts and all, I am just saying.

(Yeah the shape shifting thing is a bit of a stretch, but still quite entertaining. He is dead serious.)

5. Religious Nutjobs

I consider atheists to be religious nutjobs more than anyone who may actually have belief in a faith. Why? Because they seem to think we all came from nothing. Some of them actually think we crawled out of the water by way of evolution (which is theory loaded with well placed assumptions and no evidence).

If that’s the case then why do I have no gills or wings? And why are there still monkeys and guerrilla’s around? I guess evolution skipped out on them. Even the roach has barely changed over the reasonably recordable past and I am supposed to believe I am related to the common cockroach? You gotta be kidding me.


4. Phd’s

Arguing with some retard who spent 12 years studying one subject is a waste of time, unless you debate them on something they didn’t study, then you get to show them where they really stand. Not that I have anything against being educated, I was just saying.


3. Women

Muwahaha, hahaaaa! Just the thought of self mutilation is enough to make my skin crawl. Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned and if you win that argument you’ve invited hells wrath upon yourself. I have won some these arguments before, and got away scott free might I add.

I have done it @ Facebook on a few occasions and I can tell you there is nothing more liberating than to put em in check. Its best to do this with woman you don’t know, that’s the only way to hang on to the upper hand unless you just don’t give a damn, which is a fine way of doing business.

Once they begin deleting comments chalk it up as a win for MANkind.


2. Drive Through Order Specialists

These people are entrusted to maintain the great stewardship of the old, “may I take your order please” , and should not be trifled with. Especially when they are handling your food and are in sole spit authority of your licking and biting of the old yum yum.

Be very careful and very respectful. Smile, say thank you, and don’t complain until after you have your food. If the burger has to go back in, have some respect. Talk trash after everything has been resolved if there was a problem just maintain being nice until the problem is fully resolved. Then let em have it.


1. VizFact

Why would you want to argue with me? I am trying to help ya out here. Aside from the fact that I am going to win, I tend to back my arguments up with facts (which won’t matter to women) or either a reasonable idea, or (and this is a big or) a lack thereof.

I respond to subtle attacks (once detected) by answering your questions with my questions (where applicable) and answering your questions very quickly while responding with some of my own. My questions usually have backed up facts embedding within coupled with a non abrasive question to the likes of, “what do you think about that?”, or, “does that make any sense to you”, and before you know it, you are on my team because I tricked you.

Not that I am for trickery, but I don’t have anything against roses growing out of BS. Its just the way it is.

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  • Andraeseus

    really? negro?

  • MarcSrour

    Sorry to break it to you, but you do have gills. More precisely, you have pharyngeal arches, on which gills in fish develop and a load of stuff in mammals develops. Here’s some elementary reading.

    • You sourced wikipedia and somehow I am supposed to feel insulted? I could just login to Wiki and change the article to fit my liking. Elementary you say? HAQ!!! 🙂

      • stardust

        VizFact, you claim that Atheists are “religious nutjobs”
        Do you even know the definition of Atheism?

        • Atheism is a faith that there are no deities.

          • stardust

            Wrong. Atheism is the absence of belief in the existence of deities.

          • Belief and Faith are the same thing. So it is a faith in the non-existence of a deity. I think I may have listed you as one of the type not worth arguing with. You are willing to argue and go back and forth for your belief – A religious nut job.

          • Papzee Qiriacos

            So you believe in the non-existence of flying ponies that rape pigeons? So its a faith for you too right? So we shouldn’t argue with you. Indeed. you are a religious nutjob.

            i think you need medical attention.

          • We aren’t talking about flying ponies that rape pigeons.

            Medical attention? I think you need a reward for being a genius.

          • stardust

            Even though you not be talking about flying ponies that rape pigeons, it’s still, nevertheless, nonsense.

            And you need a reward for being a retard: a pigeon turd.

          • Behave yourself. And stop having faith that something can come from nothing, or morph into another life form, lol.

          • Stick to the subject at hand and stop being childish. This isn’t a kiddie blog.