standard 10 Human Trafficking Truths

  1. Today, there are more victims of human slavery than at anytime in world history.
  2. Human trafficking is also done for the purpose of harvesting organs from health poor people for the benefit of rich diseased elitist.
  3. Most of the human trafficking ringleaders work directly with governments.
  4. As a result of globalization, all countries are now involved in human trafficking.
  5. Japan is a major sex trafficking hub.
  6. Profits derived from modern day slavery are estimated to exceed the tune of 30 billion dollars.
  7. By 2018, human trafficking will have surpassed the drug trade as the most liquid illegal “black” market.
  8. Airports are often used as “slave auctions” where girls, women, and boys are sold into sex slavery.
  9. 42% of human traffickers are women, and 46% of human traffickers know their victims.
  10. Human trafficking has a higher profit potential than drug dealing because human beings can be sold more than once.


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