standard 10 Health Benefits of Running

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your health, or you’re looking for a new activity or a way to make new friends, running as an activity offers all those benefits and more. Ever since I started running and learning to become more habitual with taking care of my body, I can say I’m more confident, stronger, and I have a lot more energy and endurance that I did prior to becoming a runner.

Today on VizFact Dot Com we’re going to take a look at 10 benefits you can expect when you incorporate jogging or running into your everyday life.

10 Benefits of Running or Jogging

  1. Burn Calories: I’m not alone when it comes to looking for simple, cheap, and effective ways to “increase my sexy” (if I may use a Puffyism), and running is a way to do it. The good news about running and burning calories is the heavier you are, the more calories you’ll burn. A person who weighs 160 pounds will burn around 250-350 calories for every half hour of running while a person who weighs 220 pounds or more will burn 300-450 calories per half hour.
  2. Work Out Cheap: If you want to avoid paying fees at local fitness clubs then running might be for you. You can run at almost any location at no charge. There are a number of beautiful parks all over America and if you can’t make it to one you can always run around your block, or for people who live in rural areas, around your village or farm.
  3. Get Better Sleep: Have trouble sleeping? Runners generally get good sleep and fulfilling rest as a result of their workouts.
  4. Sweat Out Better Skin: When you good a good run in, and anytime you workout, you should work up a good sweat. When your body sweats it cleans out your skin and results in a clearer better looking complexion.
  5. Trim Your Waist: Running engages the muscles and systems in your mid-section meaning that when you run, you are not only trimming your entire body by way of immense calorie burns, you are also slimming down your waistline.
  6. Get More Energy: When you run your body becomes stronger all-over making you have to use less energy to perform the same tasks meaning you’ll use less and have more energy as a result of being a runner. Add that to the sleep benefits and it begins to make more and more sense that running results in more energy. This is good for sex. (I had to add that last part.)
  7. Stress Relief: Running reduces stress and helps to make the brain healthier and stable.
  8. Stronger Bones: You don’t need milk for stronger bones, all you need is a habit of running or jogging on a regular basis. Running builds bone density and helps to strengthen the cartilage in your joints.
  9. Smoking Allowed: I admit, I smoke and I enjoy cigarettes. The good news about running is that the exercise limits your risk of developing cancer and, in spite of smoking, adds years to your life. Smoking is not an excuse for not taking care of your body although it is a convenient one subconsciously speaking. Trust me, I know.
  10. Have Better Sex: Lets face it, guts get in the way of gettin’ it good and no one wants a lazy uneventful lay. If you love your spouse, or want to make an impact in bed for that new love in your life on the first go round, start running.

10 Health Benefits of Running

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